family: chris verene

I bought this 
Chris Verene
a while back
and just opened it up tonight 
because I am feeling just a little blue,
to say the least.
I'm not sure why I get pulled to photography when I'm down,
but I do.
Design seemed too crass, too commercial,
too weak to comment on tonight....

I guess I couldn't really call Chris a friend anymore,
but we were close acquaintances at one point.
I'm sure if I saw him today,
he would be sweet as pie,
he always was.
We had a good friend in common,
 and I have followed his work 
from afar after the friendship faded 
and people moved on....

For a fan of Southern photographers such as 
Chris is a must.
Chis shoots with a 2 1/4 camera,
so the reproductions in the book are
basically square, so the crops are mine,
but I tried to stay in the spirit of the photo.
The captions are his,
and it's too bad I couldn't show the full pages effectively,
(I really need someone to tweek
my html, but more on that later....)
because the captions are handwritten,
and they work really well with the photographs.

Please explore Chris's work
more online and at a good bookstore;
this silly blog post really, really 

"Candi's wedding with her two 
favorite customers 
from her job at the Sirloin Stockade."

"Craig's new house."

"My cousin Steve with his daughter.
His wife had just left him."

"Doris stays nights with a shut-in."

"My cousin Libby's pig farm farm cats."

"Rozie and I like to visit Gary.
My Aunt Doris used to look after 
Gary when he was a baby."

"Travis's House"

"Travis's Grandma"

"Travis made Pigs in Blankets."

"My cousin's husband's brother's cousin's cousins."

"Pam and Dan's trailer. 
Dan's kid's live here half the time."

"Autumn's new bedroom"

"Pam and Dan"

(Dalton and Cheyenne)

"Crystal at Eighteen"

"Mercedes has never seen her father."

"Mercedes will soon have a half sister named Lexus.
Crystal says I'm that baby's father!"


(Amber and Mercedes)

Chris Verene


  1. sheesh, if you do see Chris, tell him thanks for ruining my evening. I haven't seen this book in years, but it all came flooding back.

  2. p.:come to vienna .. get away from it all.

  3. sooperpigger4/5/11, 9:29 AM

    I love these! it's as if Raymond Pettibon was a photographer.