the best thing at sofa....

I went to the VIP
(I know, I am soooo special....)
opening of 
this afternoon
with my good buddy 
I had never been before. It was interesting.
Actually more good than bad, well, 50/50,
but I was expecting to hate 90% of it,
so I was really pleasantly surprised.
We got there at 5 when it opened 
and it was packed. 
And when we left at 7:30?
Forget about it.
Lots of red dots too.
The piece above was my very favorite in the whole show,
and it was marked sold at 5:05.
Really amazing.
I had never heard of
but I have now.
 Love this piece....
More on Steffen soon......

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  1. excellent! happy to know about him. thanks.