new orleans travel logblog....

We all headed down to New Orleans
for my Dad's 70th 
We are all so busy we didn't 
get down there until his 71st!
I forgot NO had
some tall buildings.

Neon tower.
Becca was the star picture taker of the trip,
armed with just and iPhone.
Where are my shots Bec?

Everything is so flat.
Bad for flooding.

I love the architecture
down here.
The weather was PERFECT.

This building is beautiful.
I also love all the palm trees
down there.


Someone asked if I  had posed for this.
Actually I did.
I lived in New Orleans for a year,
while I went to Tulane.

I liked these.

And this huge tower.

Steam power

UFO power

Paris power

Music dude

Street weirdness

Mardi Gras
had just ended,
but the partying had not.

This place was so olde skool.

Oldest bar in the USA.

Weirest nephew in the USA.

Tribute to a waiter

Yummy King Cake!
Sir, there is a baby in my cake.

The South will
rise again!

Not sure what was happening here.

Architectural details....
Kinda looks like a hurricane....

Lots of bad art on Royal Street.

Graffiti face

Murdered out

This poor homeless girl had
lost her shoe laces.

Architectural details

More fried food!
This place has not been touched
in over 80 years.

Architectural details

Bead Tree

Great street names down there.

Faded front porch

Maybe it's time to move back?

Everything is just a bit
off in New Orleans.

Monica's just about has all you need.


Hot Laundry Now

World's Weirdest Niece

World's weirdest bar.

Great bathroom window

Slick Ride

Magazine Street

Our hotel,

Mural in the Sazarac Room

Half a house

It's no
but not bad!

Mardi Weird

Always a line....

Best use of $1.25 ever.

Stumbled upon this 
place on Oak Street.

Time to head home,
the party is over....

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