auction madness in bruxelles

The good folks in Brussels are nutz.
That's why I love them.
Almost as chic as the French and
twice as nice to strangers.
(They make a mean steak too.)
Pierre Berge & Ass.
are serving up
an amazing mix of weirdness
again for their
"Shabby Chic 3"
auction on March 28th.
(I hate the name, 
something is definitely lost in translation.
I would have called it
"Pierre's Wunderkammer"
but hey, that's just me.)
If taxidermy freaks you out,
This is just a brief selection of my favorites
from the the 
660 lots
of really bizarre stuff.

Sorry for the 4 days of nothing.
I was in New Orleans 
for my Dad's 71st birthday celebration, 
and between family,
kids, and dinner reservations at 6:30,
I was too wiped to post.
Only having my iPad didn't help either,
posting from that on Blogger is
a real pain in da butt....
So sorry,
I promise hoppin' this week!

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  1. glad i'm not the only one who spends inordinate amounts of time on auction house sites. this stuff, though, wins. horny AND dead.

  2. i like your blog very much, señor patrick mondoblogo

  3. p: be prepared-you'll have to visit this eerie collection in vienna:
    sorry no auction.. just lookey lookey...

  4. excellent,
    we will tell our world (make a link <spread the word

  5. Wow I would love a couple of the shabby chic/animal rescue ladies of Santa Monica to turn up at this one. Could you give us a list of your favorite auction houses so I can start a new obsession? Hope you had fun this weekend.

  6. Male: the link, (as in about 90% of my posts) is at the bottom of the post where is says "More HERE". Click on HERE for the link. Thanks for looking too!