donzella and roberto giulio rida

I went to Paul Donzella's opening 
tonight at
as usual, he and his crew did a
 fantastic job.

The pieces by Roberto Giulio Rida 
are exquisitely crafted out of glass and wood,
mostly glass, 
you see mostly glass,
but technically there is PROBABLY more wood,
but glass is the skin to the bones.
If you know what I mean.
(I love when I give myself a hard time....)

I have no idea how costly these were, 
but they had to be 
crazy expensive,
because they were 
crazy nice.

Glass studs.

These were really sweet.

Beautifully made.
Nice glass lozenge too.

In action.

These pieces were the stars of the show.
Kind of Gio Ponti meets Verner Panton 
at Studio 54
for some blow 
a doppio.

This piece was much more subdued,
but very chic.

All that thick crazy glass!
I kept thinking what a nightmare it must have been to get them 
over from Milan.
(Paul told me 2 pieces had damage 
from the long trip across the pond.
One can be fixed here, 
but the other one has to go back to Milan, 
and he estimated the shipping round trip would be $5000.)

The End.

There's more....


  1. Oh and you would definitely have to call it "blow" a bunch while you were doing it, too.

  2. Shit! I don't even do blow but if someone had something white and in the shape of line on top of one of those cabinets, how could you say no? You'd be a fool.

  3. Funny, and yes you would!