anatomy of a judd

My friends in LA live with some killer art.
I love this Donald Judd.
(What's not to love for a dyed-in-the-wool Modernist?)
They don't treat their home like a museum,
I was able to get up close and personal with this piece....

Here's the red and black "newspaper" end.

The screws are ALMOST all lined up...

Color theory 101

Black and yellow "bee" end.

Dirty Judd
(not bad really)

Screws are nicely lined up here.
Thank GOD!

Pretty perfect,
even for a Virgo.

Get ready to enter....

here we go....

the hypnotic DJ tunnel!


  1. boy o boyd... please post more from their place!

  2. very nice! I had a guy from Sotheby's pull one off the wall once to see how it hangs. Very cool!
    Thanks for posting.


  3. seems like you could stack n store a few John McCracken in Judd tunnels.