prouvé dieulouard dismountable house

I scanned this out of the most recent Art Forum.
I want to know more.
There was nothing here,
which is strange considering they ran the ad.
And nothing here.
What up Cuz?
Can anyone help? 
I wanna know more, much more....


I found something more by doing some Deep Googling

And here is the link from Greg at greg.org
(How did he get that domain name?)
that appears to be the same article with a different picture,
I still can't read French....

I'm also realizing that my Prouvé
chops are weak, as are my books.

(And my keyboard skills, where IS that
accent aigu? This cutting and pasting to get 
the accent right is driving me nutz! 
Do I have like 3 different fonts, sizes, 
and styles going on here or what!)

This is all I have at home in the book department:
Not deep.
Also, neither one of them mention or show the
"Dieulouard dismountable house".


  1. House? Prouvé built a school in Dieulouard, in 1952.

    According to this patrimoine report, it sounds like the director's office was disassembled.


  2. Thanks Greg!

    Now all I need to know is:

    -How to read French.
    -Where can it be seen?
    -Is it for sale, if so how much?
    -The history behind its move to the as of yet undisclosed location.

    I think that's it. For now....

  3. Hey, thanks for following Homebodies! Quite a nice blog you have yourself! Looking forward to reading... Liz