higgins glass lsd trip

The bird tray got me looking around the pad for something to post today and I couldn't decide....
But then I looked down at my desk 
and said thats it! 
Higgins paperweight time.

You don't see these that often.
I got addicted to Higgins when I was in grad school in Chicago.
My friend David took me to meet Frances and Michael at their studio 
and they were amazing.
I then got the 50/50 booklet and I was hooked.
I probably have 25-30 pieces, but these are my two favorites.

This one is the biggest I have seen at 4 1/2" 3 1/2".
It has 4 layers of thick glass.

Love the bubbles.
This one is very Calder like.
It probably dates from the mid 50's.

It's cool how the enamel decoration appears to be floating.

Big Blue came in a presentation box.
I was apparently a corporate gift of some kind for a paper manufacturer.
How strange....

This one was my second paperweight.
The first one I sold, and I still regret it....

Weird white balls float throughout.

Greeny is smaller and the more common size at
2 1/2" x 3 1/2".

This one has 10 layers of thinner glass.
Even though Frances and Michael are sadly gone, 
the studio keeps on working. 
Check them out
If anyone finds one of these beauties and wants to regret selling it,
sell it to me!!!
It will go to a good home.

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