art + architecture = happy

Ok, still feeling lazy... 
(I moved my sister today, so maybe that has something to do with it...) 
but here goes....

I saw a great show yesterday that I had heard nothing about, 
just stumbled upon it (that would make a great name for a website....), 
I love when that happens.
it is at the Nicholas Robinson Gallery and celebrates the art that Donald Judd lived with
 and promoted from his building at 101 Spring Street. 
The building will be closed for the next 3 years for a major renovation 
and this is an exhibition celebrating that. 
Why not?
Anyway, great art, great space, and a great job Mr. Robinson, 
Coo Coo Ca Choo to you!

David Novoros
Untitled, 1969

Judd's work/drafting table from 101 Spring.
There were great vintage color prints of the Spring Street space
 interspersed throughout the exhibition.
Loved that.

The Man.

John Chamberlain
Fun, 1978
All of these works were for sale btw.

Carl "I threw my wife out the window to her death" Andre
Not a fan.
Geeze, let's move on Carl. It's the 21st century 
and you are still alive for Christ's sake.

H.C. Westermann
Lily Bolero, 1967
This is actually better in person.

More vintage 101 power....

Claes Oldenburg
Typewriter Eraser, 1977
This looked like it had been made yesterday.
It was kinda weird, NOS C. Oldenburg.

Hans Arp
Owner of the Heidelberg Cask, 1962
I wanted to take this home BAD!

Marcel Duchamp
With Hidden Noise, 1916/1964
I could live with one of the 4 made....

Dan Flavin
Untitled (to Lucie Rie, master potter) 1d. 1990
Dan, guess what?
That's not "untitled"....

Dan Flavin
Untitled (NOT!) (In Honor of Harold Joachim) 2, 1977
This was really beautiful.
Hense the HUGE picture for your viewing pleasure,
too bad it is a shitty iphone pic yet again!

Another shot of 101, blurry, but still beautiful.
How'd you like to go to sleep there every night?

Looks like home to me....

Getting jealous of a dead man right about now....

Jealousy rising....
Look at those sweet early Rietveld chairs!

101 Spring outside.

101 Spring, collage of inside, floor by floor.

Night night.................


  1. Awesome... when is this show over?

  2. i don't know who this Judd fellow is but... sure looks like he's borrowing a lot from ROLU!