100 houses

"Selected designs from Pencil Points-Pittsburgh Architectural Compition for:

Gotta love that 40s Post-War optimism....

1st Place was BLAH.
This is 2nd Place
I.M. Pei and Frederick G. Roth

3rd Place
Ralph "Wildman" Rapson
This drawing is great. Tons of funny details and I'm not even showing them all.
Love the wacked-out shirtless dude playing badminton in his underware.

This detail of Seymore R. Joseph's drawing is certainly cheerful.
Love the Nessen lamp and the hanging cabinet.

This is Philip C. Johnson's entry.
Not bad.
Not very good either Phil.

Louis I. Kahn and Oscar Stonorov
Lookin' good.

E.H. & M.K. Hunter

More of Team Hunter

Marcel Breuer.
Sweet as usual.
Notice the elaborate cable hanging system for the porch.

He placed last!

I. M. Pei again.
Love the ping-pong table.

Never heard of Charles D. Wiley,
but I like.

W. Brooks Gavin.

Gavin is strong.

Frederick G. Roth.
I. M. wasn't into this one, 
but I like it. 
You would never know this design was 63 years old.

Douglas C. Simpson.
Nothing not to like.

Frank Weiss
What? No middle initial Frank?

I like this for the "chicken tree".

Ralph Rapson Rocks
I WANT that chair....

And the winner of best rendered trees goes to:
Royal Barry Wills
Figured, with a name like Royal....

Percival Goodnam.
I love when the cars look so olde fashioned.

I could have posted HUNDREDS of cool drawings and funny details form this book. 
I may have to revisit in the future.
Just the way the trees and bushes are rendered would be worth a post....

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  1. yeah!
    the trees... love it.
    And period correct cars always seem oddly contrapuntal to modernist houses.
    Philip C. Johnson's shrubs are like boogers.
    Liked Breuer's odalisque...