palm springs update

Loving P.S., but the loot so far has been slim. The next 2 days of shopping could be good, we'll see.... Here are some of what I have seen, and bought, so far....

"Good art"
"Bad art"

"Good clown"
"Bad clown"

Raymor for home.

Venini for sale.

Cool kids chair for the collection.
Have never seen this one before.

Minor book haul.

Incredible abandoned restaurant. Don't know who designed it yet, but I will find out.
The sign out front says "Bananaz Coming Soon!"
Let's hope not....

Great neon sign of an elephant. Not such a great shot taken from our moving car.

Love this.

Love this more...
and more...
and more! I have to find out what Hippy from Space designed this....

This was a label on a chair in a consignment shop. I guess the heirs are getting rid of a few things...only in Palm Springs!

And finally, a puddle shaped like Africa.


  1. Hey, I'm heading out for the big modernisim show as well.

    That resteraunt used to be this great korean fusion place. THe outside is cool - but the inside is WAY better. It's like walking around inside a wooden skeleton.

    I'm expecing everything to be picked over :(
    Are you doing any of the house tours?

  2. i need to meet that hippy in space!

  3. I dare you to buy that first sculpture.

  4. g/d, I would have, but it was sold :(

  5. To Brick House: I missed the Franks Sinatra tour tonight because of work, but I may hit the Steve McQueen house Saturday. I really wish I could have gone to the Arthur Elrod Lautner house, but that is not until next weekend... I've been to Frey ll, which is amazing btw, if you haven't been.