no. 8a / ace hotel

My friends Brian and Elizabeth, after MUCH hard work, have just opened their 3rd store in Manhattan, No. 8a, in the tres hip ACE Hotel, at the corner of 29th and Broadway. The neighborhood is great, and with the Ace opening, is undergoing a transformation from low-end Hip-Hop clothes wholesalers, bad knock-off perfumers and kitsch jewelry stores to this. Those stores give the nabe it's vibe, so I hope some of them stay, but I have a feeling in the next few years we will see a transformation into something a little chicer; let's just hope it keeps it's edge....

This amazing vintage shelving unit is from the administrative offices of the Centre George Pompidou.

The color is this great Ellsworth Kelly green. The stuff on the shelves is amazing too! (Upper left shelf for adults only!)

Killer Chester Wallace bag. The designer of the bag, Patrick Long was there during my visit. Nice chap!

Kiosk had it's own little table (LOVE Kiosk!), and I'm loving the table, and what's on it.

Anyone need a CLAM RAM?

Bad iphone shot of the space, which is very cool, the space, not my bad photo.

The floor and my feet.

This is a detail of the clothing rack. It is made out of carved wood!!! It is totally rad, as if Robert Gober and Susan Collis had a baby.

Limited edition playing cards from Tauba Auerbach. I bought a set, get them while they last though, the edition is only 250.... 
(The reflection in the mirror of the table top is of the beautiful Beaux-Arts white wedding cake of a cast-iron building across the street, which is just beautiful.)

The front. 
Wonder what is going to go behind that plywood "post no bills" sign? Something cool....


  1. awesome. going on wednesday.

    the pompidou system was in Wright Now shop. amazin.

    kiosk folding table is by uglycute (swedish, of course). uglycute.com

  2. Thanks for table info, I will look them up right now....

    While you are there, check out Opening Ceremony too, it's slightly interesting, but predictable... 8a is much more my cup of tea....

  3. Shit! That carved rack! I wish I was that cool...