new aubock finds....

Here are some of our most recent Aubock finds. I'd tell you where I found this load, but I would have to kill you....

I'm really excited about this one, it's the first time I have ever seen it and I've seen A LOT of Aubock.

The humble egg, simple, beautiful, this brass one is not so good to eat, but it does makes a good paperweight. This is the bigger size.

They say this is a sugar bowl (cubes, lumps) and it does have a matching set of tongs, but I like to think of it as tiny handled basket for candy cigarettes.

This bell is really big and the sound is very Will Ferrell. The handle is carved horn.

This one reminds me of a Harold Edgerton photo.

Can you guess what this one is for? Another form I have never seen before.

The classic foot corkscrew with bamboo condom.

Plain foot paperweight, classic.

Aptly named "legs" nutcracker with top-stitched leather.

Always love these. Nice early example with beautiful leather. Can also be used in the "iron" position too.

I call these the "praying hands". They still make these, but this pair is nice and early and slightly different from the current model.

Rare pair. Can be used in two different positions also.

I think they still make these too? They look like a cross between The Flying Nun and Darth Vader.

You see the horn bookends a lot, but not in this form with the twisted, free-standing white horn.

That's all for now maybe more later.....
Thanks for looking!


  1. nice haul. liking the leather covered bookends.

  2. patrick, the lying brass element with the antler like double shape was used to place wet pens and brushes while working..
    good luck !