more small books

Cool silk screened catalog with aluminum cover from 1969. Assembled and printed by Sergio Tosi of Milano. I've only seen a few of these. It was from an exhibition at the Hanover Gallery of London.

Inside image. The paper is really thick and textured and has a cool lemon yellow border. Man, I had no idea how twisted Man Ray was (sexually) until I read "Exquisite Corpse Surrealism and the Black Dahlia Murder". I highly recommend it, although it is kind of a bummer that he may have been involved someway in the murder. That's kind of a stretch, but he was absolutely very, very close friends with George Hodel, the number one suspect and most probably the killer of Elizabeth Short. If your into murder mysteries with a dose of surrealism thrown in, I would aso recommend following-up with "Black Dahlia Avenger" written buy George's son, Steve who was also an LAPD homicide detective. Fascinating....

More Man Ray. This cover was hard to photograph, very glossy and kind of 3D, I know the image looks blurry but it's really the cover, I promise. You see these pretty commonly, especially in LA, but still cool. It is from the 1966 LACMA exhibition.

This is a first edition biography of Mo-Na by his wife Sibyl Moholy-Nagy. Love the cover, love him, gotta love her too. I went to art school with his grandson Dan Hug, which for a Mo-Na freak, was pretty cool. I guess. Maybe not. Dan's done alright for himself. Wonder if he got any photos?

I threw this in because i thought SM-N was kinda handsome, not hot, but cute and obviously very talented herself.

Still more MoMa. This I included because you don't usually see it with a clean dust jacket. Plus when is the last time you saw a photo of the Hckendorf House? By John Funk no less??? This is from 1944 and they only printed 5000 first editions, and only 4000 copies of this revised edition, which makes my copy rarer than a first edition right? Wishful thinking, but somehow if there are few revised copies, they are technically rarer. But then again, who the funk really cares?

This is for you Paul Rand fans out there, which there are legions, and for good reason. This is actually a MoMa Bulletin, Volume XVII, No 1, 1949. A hodgepodge of an exhibition, but with some really obscure pieces of killer furniture. Would have loved to see this show.

This has to be really rare, because of the beautiful woodblock prints inside. It was self published by Charles Smith in 1939, printed by The Johnson Company Publishers, New York. Wow, just looked in the back and it was signed by Charles in 1947. That's pretty cool.

Here is one of the woodblocks. Wish he had signed these....

This one is great. There are a total of 6 original prints. He's in the collections of The Whitney and The Art Institute of Chicago. I wish I knew more about him.

Rare exhibition catalog, not really a book I guess, (but it is diminutive) from a show in Liverpool, circa 1956. great stuff inside, some bigshots, Gambone, Fantoni, Fontana, some yet to be "discovereds" such as Bonfanti, Carola, and Bettarini.

Back cover.

You see this every now and again. AMAZING mid-century ceramics, with mind blowing pieces by people you have never heard of. Some really sick stuff. Love the Italians.

Sweet little book of drawings.

Most are of dancers, but I couldn't resist showing this one of a Noguchi set piece / sculpture.

I think I like the back cover better than the front. It was designed by W.G. Meek.

Ok, last one! Any Shoji screen fans? Well, if you are this is the book for you. Even the original slipcover is beautiful.

Gotta like the Mondrianesque cover. This is from 1961. Designed by Susumu Masunaka, with "English Advice" by Roger G. Matthews. Thanks God for Matt!

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